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Affordable Care for Your Health.

The Low Down on
How Your Membership Works

  1. We Do Not Accept Insurance – means we do not accept any money from insurance companies (Medicare, Medicaid, or any corporate driven entity).

  2. We Do Accept Patients With or Without Insurance – While we do not get paid by insurance or Medicare, much of healthcare is quite expensive and it is nice to have insurance "to pay for things” like out of office labs, imaging studies, specialist referrals, or hospital stays. Because of how we charge (see below options), our patients can’t “file” our fees with their insurance company or Medicare after the fact. (per our financial agreement) If you have insurance or Medicare it will still cover out of office labs, referrals, hospital stays etc. just as it would with any other provider.

  3. We Charge A Monthly Fee – Instead of charging for each time a person comes to the office.  There are no added surprise fees or copays for coming to our office or for a telemetry visit.    Why? There are several advantages of doing things this way:

    1. We are much more willing to handle things over the phone, via secure messaging, and/or Telemedicine as our revenue doesn’t rely on a busy office.

    2. Our office is more flexible, so when you do need to come in there is usually very little wait time.

    3. You are not penalized for being sick by having to pay more.

    4. You never have to worry about having enough money to come to the office.

    5. We can focus on people rather than getting every $dollar out of each visit.

  4. The Monthly Fees Are Low and Affordable compared to Regular Insurance

  5. We Offer Low-Cost Lab Tests and Procedures – keep costs as low as possible for our patients Some tests (like cholesterol testing, urinalysis, and strep testing) is included in the monthly fee. “We will be offering discounted labs to cover things we cannot perform in the office. This would lead to significant savings for uninsured patients. If you have insurance you can file them as you would normally if you wish. A list and prices will be published.

  6. We do NOT routinely prescribe long term narcotic (pain), benzodiazepine (anxiety), or stimulant  medications for any new patients.     “If you feel you require long term therapy with these medications we can assist you in referral to pain management or other  appropriate specialists. Please see  our controlled substance policy for information and explanation.


Choose the One that Works for You!

All Monthly Membership Services Include:  Unlimited Physician Visits,  In-Office Procedures (see Services List),  In-Office Diagnostic Tests (see Services List), 24/7 Telephone/Text Access, 24/7 Email Access, Necessary house Calls, online access to your medical records at any time through our secure patient portal.

The Membership or Service(s) you choose and/or First months membership fee(s) are collected from you by either Direct Debit, Cash or Credit Card 30 days after your initial visit and are non refundable under any circumstance once services are provided.   
If you choose to upgrade your membership there are no additional fees.
Your  Direct Debit or Credit payment for the monthly membership fee(s) will automatically be charged according to our Financial Policy Agreement reviewed and signed by you.  
If any Direct Debit, Check or Credit card payment is returned unpaid we may bill an admin or return fee up to $20.  
If payment is not complete as per the membership agreement, you acknowledge the membership services will terminate immediately.    
You agree to advise us immediately of any change to the Members Details provided to us on file and/or payment method updates. 
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