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About Us


What Edgefield Internal Medicine brings to Patient~Members

Edgefield Internal Medicine was founded by  "Dr. Rick" through having years of experience in private practice, Hospital Medicine and as a Medical Director and hands on Physician.  He realized many patients could be healthier if only they had more time with their Doctor at home, being evaluated regularly with "time" for that one on one compassionate care.   Clearly the goal is to "avoid" a trip to the  Emergency Room! Stay Healthy. With todays insurance deductibles it can add up to hundreds $ in expense out of your pocket.


Dr. Oster embarked on his personal mission to provide direct primary medical care to the communities in Edgefield County and CSRA.  This way he assures you and your family (members of our clinic) are provided 24/7 access to your doctor.  You will not have to jump through hoops of a traditional medical practice  or deal with an answering service while depending on Insurance to approve your visits.

How We Are Different 

Fewer patients means longer exam times and no rushed appointments. We offer same day service because you are a priority. 

At Edgefield Internal Medicine, we are dedicated to serving our patients and getting to know you like family!

How DPC Medicine Works

Instead of being paid by insurance companies for codes and data, We are paid by our patients.  Our goals are the same as theirs: to keep everyone healthy, to use as few medications as possible, to avoid unnecessary care, and to save patients time and money.  

Because we are not paid more when patients are sick,  We are not going to keep the office overflowing with patients.  Our goal is to be accessible so that problems can be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Instead of waiting around for hours in an office full of sick people, our patients are seen rapidly, or even just handled via phone call or secure messaging and even by TeleMedicine. 

We don't like to waste our time, so why should we force people to do the same? 

Meet Our Family Team

At Edgefield Internal Medicine, we pride ourselves in the JOY of life we like to share.  We have a unique team who always wish our patients well,  every one has their specific duty to assure visits and care are complete with utmost compassion, integrity and  a great "experience".  

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