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Medical Services

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Wrist Brace
Ear Exam


Comprehensive History & Physical Exam

This will be a review of your full medical history and a comprehensive medical exam.

(Previous record copies are helpful!)


Follow Up or Sick Visit 
(for established patients)

Follow Up Medical exam or acute onset of illness.


Minor Procedures

Minor laceration repair, IV fluids if warranted, skin biopsies, some joint injections.



EKG, Strep Test,  Influenza Test, Urine/Pregnancy, Glucose Test, Urinalysis, (soon to be added: Cholesterol Testing, Hemoglobin A1C for Diabetics).

We will be offering discounted labs to cover things we cannot perform in the office. This would lead to significant savings for uninsured patients. If you have insurance you can file them as you would normally if you wish.

If you need X- rays, or referrals  or labs that are not available in the office, we will recommend and prescribe them, but you will be responsible for those costs


A list and prices will be published when available.



We hope to soon offer discounted medications. . We are working hard to find discounted and more affordable solutions for those without insurance.

Checking Blood Pressure

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